Those ‘must have’ pieces from Kenzo Paris X H&M

So you’ve probably seen it all ready. The Kenzo X H&M lookbook. So you know the re-interpretation of the heritage tiger stripes were done to acid dripping effect for the H&M series. Wow….

Honestly, there are only a few pieces I’d wear- BUT – I said few. So, the one’s I’d like to get my hands on…

Well… Let’s start with this video:

“Youth are catalyst for social change” Amy Sall, Founder and Editor of SUNU in H&M X Kenzo. Out November 2nd.

So, yes, I love the dress. Of course I’m not tall enough to wear it and she makes it look effortless. But I don’t care. I love this dress. It is in a classic silhouette, it looks elegant and young and so much fun. I would feel like me in this dress but MORE awesome! I’d need the boots too – seriously, the styling for this was awesome. Did you see the nonchalant draping of the scarf? Love!

Then there’s the blouse in this Vogue video inspired by the collection. I would so love that blouse! It’s like taking a turtle-neck sweater with a sort of like “peek-a-boo” curtain for your breasts! It’s a bit perverted if you get in a flasher frame of mind – but I like that it is falsely demure!


The other looks I like were the colorful renditions of the heritage stripes in unconventional colors- mixed and matched – reconstructed into cool classic silhouettes. I like the materials – very laid back sort of pajama style … thick and heavy – perfect for fall/winter.


The shoes were uninspiring for me and so were the socks which seem like they’d get natty quick! But it’s H&M – so like those films where the hero saves the day against unspeakable odds – you have to take it all-in with a grain of salt.

But, so that I don’t discriminate against this uber-colorful and deep collection, here are the remaining looks for the Kenzo x H&M collection, out November 3rd!


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