At Large Magazine September 2015 Editorial: ‘A Series Man’ By Benjamin Lennox

I love menswear.  If I were a designer, it would be menswear for sure. Because as a style, it only gets better with time.  

It’s funny because menswear can appear the same.  A suit, is a suit, is a suit – but if you pay attention you will will see how the style changes.  The trouser’s set of the waist, or the blazers breadth of the shoulder, changes.  Too the shirt’s length of lapel, or the tie’s width and length, changes.

A classicly designed suit may come in hundreds of mixes of textiles, colors, and prints- and each has a different place or function in society.  I love it!

For this editorial Supermodel Alexandre Cunha stars in A Serious Man for At Large Magazine. I love it because of the variation of the suits! This is the latest editorial captured by Fashion photographer Benjamin Lennox, styled by Julie Ragolia with hair by Enrico Mariotti an set design work by Kadu Lennox at Frankreps.

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