Rick Owens Spring 2016

Rick Owens Spring 2016 collection was a juxtaposition of the uniform.  “Uniforms are almost patented to make men look better and to make men look as dignified and heroic as possible, but historically when we look back at the uniform jacket, we recognize the protest and how it became an anti-Establishmnt uniform, so it’s kind of great that it covers both area at the same time:  heroism and valor of military, but also the opposition to it,”he saide.  The collection called “Cyclops,” introduced a new anti-Establishment uniform, drawing inspiration from the designer’s fetish artists Steven Parrino and John Chamberlain.  Backstage before the show, Owens explained that his starting point was the M65 field jacket, which he abstracted into his signature stretched silhouettes.  He rendered them as sleeveless vests, but in an unusual flurry of different textures, including distressed leather; ombré; gabardine, which looked almost chaste when matched with long-sleeved silky shirts, and the type of metallic materials usually used for the label’s hardcore footwear.

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