Neil Barrett Spring 2016 Collection

Neil Barrett Spring 2016 collection infused the contemporary workman’s lifestyle into his collection.  His heritage as a son of a tailor presented itself through perfectly balanced coats and jackets.  Neil Barrett once said, the balance is in the idea of trying to get the perfect, ideal iconic menswear pieces:  the perfect parka, the perfect jean jacket, and offer them in one colorway (per print) per fabric. Your coat that’s one shape, you can buy it in jersey or in denim or in grey suiting but that’s been and made suitable to wearing a coat, and you have the same pant cuffs and the same suit so it’s all one color. So it’s giving you options of the same garment but perfect versions of them.  In reality it’s only five actual garments but the cuts are slim or oversized, in the ideal color (and print) and ideal fabric” and shapes that can fit everyone.

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