“How Would It Have Been?” by Romina Ressia

“How would it have been?”, by Argentinian photographer Romina Ressia, is a project inspired by the nostalgia for the past

The photographer believes that despite the advances in technology humanity has today, there is a longing for past times, when things were more natural and handmade.

“Things used to be made with great materials to last for a long time, while today everything seems to be disposable. I ask my self how would it have been done if the renaissance people were alive today. Would they have done it in the same way? Would their problems have been different to ours now? Have we evolved at all after all these centuries?”

The series features clothing created for the project.  The creative team includes Georgina Musi, Lucia Raineri, Maria Punta Raffo, Cande Navarro, Flor Tellado & Maria Pryor.

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