The Season of Class, sorry, the Season of Ass

The 2015 MTV VMA Awards was the lowest point of fashion in music.  

Remember the days when music inspired fashion?  Well, those days are over.

The messiest group photo in history
The messiest group photo in history

As I watched the VMA red carpet I couldn’t help but think about fashion at the film awards versus fashion at the music awards.  Unlike the film awards, the music awards has always (always) led fashion by inspiration.  Film is different.  The fashion at the film awards is about GLAMOUR, across the board, plain and simple.  And it works.  In films, the creations of the costume designers carry us along in the story and we want that fantasy to continue even at the film awards.

But Music is visceral.  You know that feeling you get when your favorite musician belts out a chorus in a way that makes you believe anything is possible.  Or all is lost.  It changes you.

And the musician and their fashion has typically been seen as a reflection of who they are and how they live, and we are always inspired by them and by their lives – no matter how fast they burn out.

And the Music Awards is an extension of that.  We get to see them at the highest level of grunge, or of rock glamour.  We love the red carpet because it is never really about the label.  It is about the cause.  The movement.

Unfortunately, the closest we got to fashion for a cause was Amber Rose and Black China.  Their colorful display was the most interesting rock style seen at the 2015 VMA’s this year.  At least they stood for something and they did so with flair.


The Season of ClAss

The rest of the gang was a damn mess (pardon my french).  Musicians are so self involved and narcissistic I don’t believe they know who they are much less how to authentically display themselves using fashion.  Their identities are wrapped in the level of designer brand they can entice to strap sheer gauze across their inflated ass.

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