“LEGS ARE NOT DOORS,” A short film by Harley Weir for Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2015 campaign makes it’s debut with a short film called Legs Are Not Doors directed by filmmaker Harley Weir.

This delicious film is inspired by cable television network HBO’s Real Sex and Taxicab Confessions and the secrets shared on screen.
The almost two minute release features intimate clips and quips from Chloë Sevigny, Binx Walton, Fei Fei Sun, Liv Tyler, India Salvor Muenez, Olympia Scarry, Laura Love, Liya Kebede, Raina Hamner and Solveig Almaas.

The film director, Harley Weir, rose to fame in the UK due to an obscure Tumblr page, Harley captures humanity in varying forms of  voyeuristic innocence and obscenity that feels both candid and expressionistic.  Her style inspiration comes from the Pre-Raphelite paintings “I have quite an old fashioned sense of art and it’s very much about emotion, about that unexplainable joy you might feel when looking at something you find sublime,” she says. “It could be as subtle as morning light on a compost bin or an array of colours working harmoniously together in a sunset. To move someone or to make them think for a just a split second is enough for me.”

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The London-born Berlin-based Weir studied Fine Art and taught herself photography using Flickr to showcase her work.  Initially Harley moved into music photography before the fashion world came calling.  The film shot for fashion design duo Proenza Schouler both feels like her and doesn’t.  It is more contrived than her work on Tumblr.  On working in the commerical realm Harley says “It can be difficult to keep sight of yourself when so many other people come in to play on commercial jobs,” she says.

While there are many candid photographers in the fine arts field today Harley has a quality, “A lot of my work is about exaggerating those mundane elements in life, making them beautiful and so allowing people to take notice. In a story (on Tumblr) I wanted to hold up a mirror to the grotesqueness of young desire. Trends are so evident in fashion and I find it interesting to think about what people find appealing. Piercings, hairstyles, make up, and then those cryptic things that we don’t understand, like the wrongness of want.”

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