‘Made In New York’ for fashion: $10 Million Dollar Financial Assistance Program

By the end of 2015 New York will have spent millions to persuade promising designers and manufacturers to create fashions locally.  The financial assistance is offered through a program called “Made in New York”.

In New York City, the fashion industry is responsible for nearly 18 billion dollarsyear in retail sales.  And makes up more than five percent of the total workforce

Mayor Bill de Blasio
Mayor Bill de Blasio

Clothing wholesalers, manufacturers and designers have been operating in New York‘s clothing district since the 1880s.

Bill de Blasio is the city’s mayor. He says fashion designers and manufacturers are important to New York.  

“New York Fashion is not only a functionally key sector of our economy, but one of the most iconic industries in this city. Something so deeply identified with the character and personality of New York City and we want to make sure it stays that way and, in fact, becomes stronger.”

What is Made In New York?

Made in NY” for fashion will showcase the originality, artisanship and diversity of locally manufactured fashion products and the faces behind them. Over the course of the next year, “Made in NY” will invest more than $10 million in a sweeping range of initiatives that support and strengthen the city’s design and manufacturing sectors.

What is the Made in New York initiative?

The “Made in NY” initiative for fashion will include programs intended to support and strengthen New York City’s design and manufacturing sectors and will include:

  • Retail Activations
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Financing Opportunities
  • Workforce Training
  • B2B Partnerships
  • Awards & Competitions

Who is eligibility?

Criteria for participation in the “Made in NY” fashion program includes:

  • Headquartered or incorporated in NYC
  • Possess registered business license
  • Manufacture one or more fashion products (e.g. clothing, jewelry, or accessories)
  • 1 or more existing retail partner(s)/client(s) or minimum of 1,000 products sold annually
  • 1 or more full-time employees
  • 1 or more products designed, cut, sewn, assembled, and finished in NYC

The Designers:

Sarah Carson is the founder of the fashion brand Leota. She says she is looking forward to participating in the Made in New York production incentives.

Leota New York
Leota New York

Getting that financing as a small business, as a growing business, is really key to expanding my business here, creating more jobs right here in New York and fueling the growth in the garment industry and fashion business in New York.”

Leota was launched in New York four years ago. Since then, the business has grown. But Sarah Carson says for her manufacturing in New York has limitations.

“We lack some of the technology that we need to do the complicated knitting techniques and laser cutting and some of the popular styles that people are buying right now. We can‘t make them here.”

Sometimes the issue isn’t capability but insight.  The Made in New York program does provide help to factories that invest in technology and workforce development.  And, the Made In New York program created a comprehensive database of New York City production facilities for both sewn goods and jewelry with the world renowned CFDA organization.  CFDA is helmed by Vogue Magazine board member Anna Wintour.  The financial assistance and exposure should provide relief and opportunity to many unknown factory shops in the New York Metropolitan area.  new-york-fashion-week-fall-2014-daniel-silverstein-2-537x402

What’s Next for Made in New York

Bill De Blasio recently announced that most initiatives will start in late 2015 including the launch of the financial assistance programs estimated to be 10 Million dollars.  

In addition, in September ‘Made In New York’ will host events at this year’s Coterie Trade Show.  Coterie is a platform for generating revenue amongst retailers, buyers and manufacturers.  In addition to the industry networking Coterie is a premier global marketplace that bridges womens apparel and accessories designers to the international ‘Who’s Who’ of Retailers.

For more information into the Made In New York program and a list of the many resources and financial assistance programs visit here

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