What Maxi-dressing means and HOW to wear it!

The Fall 2015 runway presented one of the most interesting fashion seasons I’d seen in years.  While everyone was talking about the transgender and unisex  movement noone noticed what was walking the runway.  Maxi-dresses.  And not just in dresses, there were maxi coats, maxi skirts and elongated tunics paired with sweeping palazzo pants.  And the bigger the designer the more artful and intricate the design.  It appeared that everyone went medieval, drawn into the romanticism of the Pre-Raphaelite era.

In all fairness the maxi-style of dress has been a staple of the Los Angeles California girl for over a decade.  And designers in all four capitals leveraged the long draping manner of the LA girl to inspire and modernize their shows. But Ugg boots, thankfully, were replaced with ankle boots, embellished brogues or designer trainers.

The key to “maxi style dressing” is the draping.  This isn’t a lesson in history so much a revitalization to femininity.  The length cannot deter from the beauty of the woman.  Finding the right material to layer or drape along the body is key to avoid drowning in the clothes.

Here are my favorites from the season.

The Wes Anderson Heroine

The Punk Princess

The Retro-Mod Girl

The Pre-Raphaelite Fantasy Girl

The Fashion It Girl

The Everyday Print Girl

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