What Vetéments got right (and wrong) for Spring 2017

I see this picture and think, wow I love Vetéments, unfortunately that is the only thing I loved..

_VET0437Vetéments may be catching a case of the Madonna’s. You remember when Madonna starting assuming that fake accent. Vetéments is trying to be something it’s not. It’s trying to fit into the mold of high fashion.

Obviously it’s not working. At this point Demna is trying to hard.

He’s trying to hard to shock. Trying to hard to be controversial. He’s trying to hard to push the boundaries. It’s too many things.

I do still love how he plays with proportions. But his take on the suit – it doesn’t work. The fabrics look too stiff and they appear starched into the messiest shapes possible. If it looks this shitty on a supermodel, what the hell chance do the rest of us have?

What Vetéments does well is sportswear. They have made sportswear attractive. Sexy. Interesting. New. Fun. Hot. Exciting. Relevant.

Here the volume and proportions work!

And when Vetéments slims down the proportions on the leisure suit – OMG a dream!

And he still knows how to cut a hot ass boot!

I especially like the idea of the tall boot with these GAUZY dresses. I remember when everyone wore the biker jacket with a gauzy dress – now it’s this cool biker boot!

He can also make the hottest leather biker pants … these are signature Vetéments


I still love all his cool takes on denim.  I especially like the idea of this apron dress and the denim overalls/ jumpsuit in red. Amazing

I kind of get why Demna wants to play in the traditional “high fashion” space. He is now head of Balenciaga. He wants to show what he can do. But I would implore him to see that he is actually re-designing the concept of “high fashion” in the post modern world.

Anyway, I hope he figures this out.


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