Balenciaga Spring 2016: Alexander Wang releases ALL constraints and shines!

It fascinates me how a designer’s best collection is their farewell collection.  It seems that once they know they’re leaving, they release all constraints, as if to say, this is the best you’ll never have… going forward.


Alexander Wang took a whole new approach to the Balenciaga brand, known for its heritage in couture.  He went into unexplored territory, LINGERIE! Genius!

What better way to stay true to a brand and move it into the new century than to explore the Balenciaga girl no one ever saw!

He went into the boudoir of the Balenciaga girl from generations past.  Before, she was draped in mounds of Balenciaga lace and chartreuse meant to constrain her in the old world, now, she is swathed in ultra light fabrics in pantaloons and corsets that could tempt the most devout servant.

I love that he explored this “unseen” under-wear territory of the Balenciaga brand.  This is relevant!  This is now!  This is daywear!  I mean, wow!  This is athletic and feminine and true.  It is what women wore underneath, that now they wear out into the world.

But of course, this is the fare-thee-well collection.  And going forward we will have to contend with a new approach, by a new designer.


I want to say well done Alexander Wang but I cannot.  Instead I ask, why did you wait?

2 thoughts on “Balenciaga Spring 2016: Alexander Wang releases ALL constraints and shines!

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