Paris Fashion Week: Tsumori Chisato Spring 2016

I’m traveling around to shows for Paris Fashion Week.  Some big, most small and I’m really grateful for the experience.  Grateful that I get to attend so many shows and events AND that I am learning about so many great designers such Tsumori Chisato.



The collection could only be described as ephemeral.  Even the models, who moved in passing bouts timed to a haunting chorus, felt fleeting.  The clothes fluttered majestically within the confines of a dark room with a dome sky lit in twinkling blue lights making the entire show feel like a dream.

The collection itself featured lightweight fabrics with impossible layers of texture. Delicate is a great way to describe each piece, sustainable is not. But surprisingly, the clothes are made to be durable, they simply look as if they are disintegrating.

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That sort of fairy-mood is difficult to create regardless of lighting effects and it truly speaks to the ability of the designer.  I spoke briefly with her after the show.  Chisato was rather reserved, but humble, and she smiled under all the praise about the presentation.


In addition to the airy pieces there were quirky looks that pulled the show together.

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I loved this dress


The juxtaposition of the show were the shoes.

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I mean look at them.  A new version of the Japanese platform.  The weight appears to be in the Lucite sole dispersed in the middle of the foot.  I love that she made them an ankle strap wedge.  The circles in red or blue, white or black are fab.  Also the black ones could easily be worn for daytime, even to work.

The beauty was a bit disconcerting initially.  I thought the eyes were reflecting the light but in actuality it was the metallic refactors in the eye-shadow. Later I saw other women, at fashion week shows, wearing the same thing.  It is like a paint.  Extremely opaque and pigmented which creates this allusion of metallic gold threads slashed across the eye.  It is really gorgeous especially in sunlight.


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