Designers to Watch: N3M – A Gender-less Footwear Brand

Just so you know, I’m so not dissing on my blog, but with fashion week (sorry, fashion month) I find very little time to sleep.  So, here is a new shoe line I really sort of love, N3M.  


N3M is an acronym: Us Three (in) Milan.  A Roman, an Emilian and a Norman.  None of them are from Milan, but they actively choose to live here.  Just like me.

The brand presents a classic shoe with a seasonal print design.  The shoe really feels customized.  As if they have thought of every print, every type of person might want to wear on a pair of penny loafers!


Here is what N3M had to say about their brand

We turned it into our trademark, the only place in Italy where culture becomes cosmopolitan.
And Milan is also a place with a strong character, a spirit intriguing and inspirational for people like us, who chose to live here.

N3M is born from a necessity and an observation: create a product that is yet to exist – shoes with a strong fashionable character, completely Made in Italy high quality design and materials, at a more accessible price point than other Luxury Brands and, above all, a new “genderless” style, a complete range in terms of content and sizes, conceived to go beyond the boundaries of categories and genders.

N3M is an innovative concept for a generation of consumers who is not “to come” but who is already here.

You gotta love their enthusiasm.

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