Givenchy Spring 2016 Collection: Bodices, Lace, Eveningwear and Menswear

88 looks paraded down a custom-built set on a NYC rooftop on 9/11!  88 looks! I had to break the collection out, in order to break it down.  4 levels: of Bodices, Lace, Eveningwear and Menswear. Wow.  It makes you wonder what was edit-ed out of the show!?!   Ok, Let’s start:

The asymmetrical bodice:

This was a hallelujah moment for women.  The design diversity of these tops mean EVERY woman, broad-shouldered to heavy chested, to athletic, to petite, is covered.  I personally love this first look.  It would be perfect on me, and I like that hint of skin – the perfect part of the belly to show – elegant.

One of my FAVORITE looks

Givenchy RTW Spring 2016


With the “lady-like” revival I think we all knew Lace was on the return.  And boy did Ricardo Tisci explore it!  It was BEAUTIFUL.  If you are not familiar with the textile – think back to the legend of Chantilly lace.  French Chantilly lace is known for its fine outlined patterns and abundant details. The best Chantilly laces are made of silk and are typically in black.

Take a moment to really look at the different lace patterns Givenchy effected here for the collection.

Givenchy showed OUT!

Givenchy RTW Spring 2016

OMG.  This dress was beyond anything in any collection he has ever produced.  The dress is featured, in a line-up of evening wear, that ensured your eyes sparkled until the end.

Evening Wear

The evening wear appeared to be a sample of couture and ready-to-wear pieces.  The dress above and this first look, worn by Joan Smalls, HAS to be couture.

The Men

Givenchy RTW Spring 2016


I am in love with the look above.  I mean, wow.  It is so Spanish.  So sexy and so perfect.

Ok, enough of my drooling, let’s consider that this was Givenchy’s first time in New York.  And, the show landed on one of the countries most unforgettable days in history.  So I understood why he wanted to give the US a taste of all he had to offer.  And that included a selection of BEAUTIFULLY crafted menswear.  J’Adore.

The selection was strategic, the double-breasted suits, relaxed fit trousers, and modern cuts would certainly appeal to an American man.

Great job Givenchy.  I was in awe.  So, what happens in Paris?  Maybe the pieces that were edit-ed out????

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