World Trend Forecaster WGSN predicts the 5 Key Fashion trends for the Spring 2016 catwalk

WGSN is one of the most respected fashion trend forecaster organizations in the world.  And they have predicted the five key trends they believe will set the agenda for trends from New York to Paris.

If you are a fashion-junkie like I you’ve already started watching every show on The Cut, checking the schedule, and looking at the shows on an hourly (ok, half hour) basis.

And if you are as bad as I then you will definitely recognize some of the trends called out by WGSN.  And although the week has barely started, I’ve pulled a few designers who’ve met one of the key predictions.  So let’s get to it.

Top 5 Key Trends for Spring 2016 from New York to Paris

Modern Masters

The Modern Masters isn’t a new trend but a continuation.  It is the “historical reference” trend we’ve been seeing in Valentino, Givenchy, Dior and The Row.

Leisure Luxe

The Leisure Luxe trend is new.  It is a softer take on the “sporty trend” not in color but in material and cut of the design.  While the look will appear softer, the color palette will be more chic in shades of black & white.  This trend has already shown it’s beautiful head at À Moi.

À Moi Spring 2016 Collection New York Fashion Week Day 1
À Moi Spring 2016 Collection
New York Fashion Week Day 1
Latin Glamour

I am ready for the Latin Glamour.  When I saw this collection by Whit I wrote down “trend”, so I wasn’t surprised to see that WGSN also called it.  The Latin Glamour trend is an “ode to Cuba” or the Caribbean – think soft, bright, bold florals and asymmetrical shapes, especially along the bust.  I am in love with those knotted tops!  WGSN said expect to see a lot of bare shoulder action.

Graceful Edge

I am really looking forward to seeing this Graceful Edge trend.  WGSN describes it as soft, feminine and graceful.  A strong vintage feel with materials in silk, crochet and DENIM!  I love the idea of vintage denim,like indigo, with a feminine vibe!  Love!

Culture Club

Ok, I think we all know who will gravitate towards the Culture Club vibe and if you thought, V-Files, you would be right.  The V-Files show was a kiddie land pop culture reference that made Banksy’s dismal land seem tame.  The penis bikini tops and free the nipple catwalk performance was all about Grace Jones and the club kids of the late 1900s era.  Expect that whole retro-vibe to return in Alaia body con spirit!

V Files Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week Day 1

So, what do you think?  Any designers you are looking forward to?  I personally am interested in which direction Gucci will take …

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