Must See: Laurent Segretier solo show in Soho, NYC during New York Fashion Week

Artist Laurent Segretier will once again appear at Fashion Week but this time in a solo Art Exhibition.  Original article on The Fashion Plate Magazine


Laurent Segretier first appeared at fashion week in 2013, for Italian designer Gabriele Colangelo‘s fashion show, in Beijing China.  Segretier’s digital distortions translated to the clothes “creating a real sense of modernity and hyper reality” according to Vogue Editor Suzy Menkes.

The french born, Hong Kong based artist is seen as representative of a generation who face globalization through work, travels and friendships. Laurent’s unique work, a combination of art digital photography and videography techniques, expresses the NOW of the era.


The art exhibition, Laurent Segretier for Guidi, will take place in Manhattan’s Soho district during New York Fashion Week. The highly anticipated event is scheduled for September 14-16 at 104 Charlton St., West Soho, New York with music by Black Asteroid, hosted by StyleZeitgeist.


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