Missoni supports fashion technology with bold installation “Wave Visitors 2015”

The relationship between art and science was explored at the center of the conference Art and Science in the Third Millennium, which aimed to look at the speed with which our perceptions of what is going on around us are changing.  Original article on The Fashion Plate Magazine

Luca Missoni, who aimed to show how technology use in textiles can support artistic creation, participated in the event’s roundtable at the European Commission’s Ispra site.

In addition Missoni created an installation Wave Visitors 2015 as part of a related exhibition (running through 10 May) curated by Antonio Bandirali, head of Visual Arts for the JRC Cultural Committee which featured works by Baj, Castellani, Fontana, Licata, Missoni, Morandini, Paladino, Pomodoro, Valentini, Cin and Tchovileva.

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