Sunday’s In Milan: The Hunt for La Scala Tickets

La Scala is one of the most famous opera houses in the world.  So tickets are impossible.  But I learned that 140 seats are reserved for same day purchase on a first come, first serve basis


La Scala is one of the oldest opera houses in the world.  The seats are reserved for those who buy season tickets, which is why a trip to the online ticket agent is futile. ‘sold out’ 

But I am not a newbie to the theatre scene.  Broadway in New York City is also very difficult to obtain seats for, especially the popular shows, they often sell out online in minutes.  And I, a woman of patience and flexibility, choose not to buy tickets online instead I roll the dice and arrive the day of the show (for matinee of course) and I buy same day or next day tickets HALF OFF for Broadways best shows.  How?  Well it is obvious.  The seats that were not sold online or are the result of last minute cancellation become available.  And rather than lose the entire fare discounted tickets are made available to patient and flexible theatre lovers such as myself.

It was in this way that I went on the hunt to find a show (matinee of course) to attend La Scala. And it worked!  Tomorrow (today was sold out) I will see the London Philharmonic Orchestra led by Vladimir Jurowski.  I’m feeling pretty good right now!  😉


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