Designers to Watch: Frankie Morello

While many high fashion designers are starting to close stores in China as the fashion market neutralizes, Frankie Morello intensifies its presence opening a new store in Shanghai

The Chinese market is proving its preference for designers.  Frankie Morello, a historic Italian brand, known for their statement making designs and bodacious use of color is one of the more sought after designers in the Chinese Market.

Designers like Prada and Burberry are closing large flagship stores and blaming the slump on the Chinese Market and exorbitant rents, but colorful designers like Frankie Morello and Still Ill steeleelare putting down roots with new stores in popular shopping destinations.

The new Frankie Morello concept store designed by architect Fabrizio Bertero stretches over 120 square meters.  The brand store includes men, women and accessories from the Frankie Morelli collections.

In addition to the store in Shanghai,  there are two new boutiques in Shenzhen, two in Hanzou, two in Quindao, two in Changhzour and then Waham, Chang Sa, Chonquin, Yue Qing City, Macau and soon Hong Kong.

With fifteen brands in China for 2015 and the opening of two more stores in Dalian and one in Chonquing, the share of single-brand Frankie Morello stores is extraordinary for an emerging designer.

China isn’t the only country interested in the overt designers.  Frankie Morello will open stores in Sochi in Russia this Fall and they plan to expand to Qatar and Dubai.  On the expansion Frankie Morello told me,

“We strongly believe in this plan of openings in China, followed by an expansion in Qatar and Dubai and a first store in Russia in Sochi; It is a way to strengthen the brand and to bring the world our experience and creative vision of the brand “

This proves that knowing your target market is half the battle!

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