John Richmond: It’s All About the Wedge

Richmond hops on the bandwagon of the informal footwear trend.  But instead of sneakers, the uber-sexy designer creates an informal wedge heel to maintain height while maximizing comfort.

richmond donna

The theme of the line is the cult British Union Jack flag.  The shoes are bedazzled in John Richmond style, over the top, with mounds of glitter, rhinestones, studs and patches of different materials. Irreverent prints of lips on lips, mouths in red and black or blue alongside cartoon prints. Sequins is kept in monochrome fashion and adhered via a special techniques of silk-screen printing. Shimmering stars and multicolored skulls are stylized with glitter and rhinestones  and pointed studs.

richmond donna 1

The wedges are of different heights and materials ranging from fabric to embroidery to paint with inserts of macro or micro glitter and python prints.

What do you think?  Love ’em or leave ’em?  Let me know below!

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