Designers to Watch: Coco & Breezy

Corianna and Brianna, also known as Coco and Breezy, are the founders of an avant garde sunglass brand.ABOUT-cb-iMAGE

The twins grew up best friends in the suburbs of Apple Valley, Minnesota juggling school commitments and working three jobs whilst finding the time to create artistic projects for themselves.

The afro-punk twins’ fashion aesthetic was initially misunderstood in the community, leading them to develop unique signature studded eyewear as both shields from onlookers and statement pieces.  With full support of their family Coco & Breezy continued to work on their designs with the dream of making it on their own as an innovative boutique fashion brand.

While on a trip to NYC in 2009 as 18-year-old fashion outsiders, Coco and Breezy and their eclectic eyewear were an instant hit – the fashion world beckoned as people continued to ask where they could purchase their custom eyewear.  

After a rush of ambition Coco and Breezy moved to New York without a place to live or any money saved and they hit the fashion circuit in a big way. Within one week Coco and Breezy’s eyewear had been seen on Kelly Osborne on both Good Morning America and Dancing with the Stars, and Ashanti accessorizing her edgy look at the Hip Hop Honors.  Now the eyewear can be found on rock celebrities including Prince, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and more.  0d35c8f668faf9f5248f927f3da088f1

“Your eyewear is always your outfit and your clothing outfit is always your accessory”.

Check out the Coco and Breezy Fall 2015

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