Sunday’s In Milan: Lake Como

3.80 Euro and a 40 minute train ride from Milan and you are in Lake Como!

Sometimes the best part of living in Milan is leaving it.  I think we all need a break, even from the thing we love the most.  It is a way to see it new again.  And a way to always appreciate it.  If we always stay so close, we lose focus and forget why we fell in love to begin with.

Lake Como is so very different from Milan.  For starters, the lake!  Wow!  Its massive size dwarfs everything around it including the palatial homes that take your breath away.  5 euro and you can take a ferry boat around the edges of the lake for a closer look.

After, you can sit at one of the beautiful trattoria’s (restaurants) for Brunch.  But I never do.  I prefer to go behind the outer edges of Lake Como onto the old and narrow cobble streets and find the small cafes. Small cafes are typically family owned and often serve house wine and fresh pasta made that morning.

It is the perfect Sunday.

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