Instagram Culture: The Traveler

I use instagram to show me parts of the world I could never imagine.  It is different than Facebook where a “friends” post often includes multiple pictures, links, or lengthy videos with wordy captions. Instagram in turn requires more thought.  You have one image, and in it you have to make the world understand you.  

One of my favorites to follow on Instagram is Pamela Ventura.  She is the Global PR Director for Damir Doma and CoSTUME NATIONAL. And trust me when I say you’ve never met a more down to earth self-effacing rocker-chick than she.  Pamela’s instagram is lensed in primary colors.  Stark and focused.  It is an eclectic mixture of “in-the-moment” candids, ironic imagery, incessant travel and sporadic shots of her work in fashion.  Instagram:  @pamelavenbass

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