Indonesian Harper’s Bazaar‘s August 2015 Editorial – The Eksplorasi Tradisi story

Fashion photographer Ryan Tandya captures Eksplorasi Tradisi story for Indonesian Harper’s Bazaar‘s August 2015 issue featuring Marcella,Katharina, and Dianna all at Wynn Models. In charge of styling was Michael Pondaag assisted by Michelle Othman and Arinta Wirasto, with hair and makeup by Qiqi Franky & Team using Shiseido. Flower arrangements by Lianggono Susanto, photo assistance by Agung Ngurah Aditya.


Bazaar-Indonesia-Ryan-Tandya-07-620x810Bazaar-Indonesia-Ryan-Tandya-04-620x814 Bazaar-Indonesia-Ryan-Tandya-05-620x815 Bazaar-Indonesia-Ryan-Tandya-06-620x820 Bazaar-Indonesia-Ryan-Tandya-03-620x817Bazaar-Indonesia-Ryan-Tandya-08-620x815 Bazaar-Indonesia-Ryan-Tandya-09-620x812

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