Designer Watch: Cori Amenta

Cori Amenta is a milan socialite, fashion stylist and shoe designer.  Her background includes designing shoes for Dolce & Gabbana before she launched a shoe brand under her own name.

For the Fall 2015/16 season the collection of Coriamenta is inspired by Jane Fonda in the cult film Barbarella.   High boots in metallic gold and silver along with ankle boots in suede and fur feature jewel beveled heels that adds distinction to the brand.   The shapes are softened for daytime citygirl wear: the heel and extended tip is rounded, to make room for comfort.  

The collection also features the brand icon – the wings – on the back of the shoe of both the high heels and the men’s sneakers.  

The palette of the collection ranges from classic black and white to shades of faded powder, smoke gray and chocolate.

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