Trending: Graduates Fashion Week! Those extraordinary few that made it into the pages of Vogue

Graduating from University is tough.  Finding a job after graduation is even tougher especially if you are a designer who esteems to have your own fashion label.
With over 1500 fashion institutions in the world and thousands of designer graduates each year only a precious few actually make it into the big leagues. The crux of the fashion designers path is exposure.  You can be the best designer in the world but if no one knows you exist, then you don’t exist.  This brings us to the annual Graduates’ articles in Vogue.

Each year Vogue magazine publishes the best and the brightest from the Graduate collections around the world and, you  guest it, that one post can account for hundreds maybe even thousands of social media shares into the internet world.  This is a big opportunity for a fledgling designer to get their start and build their client base.

Here are the Graduate designers trending the net right now on the e-pages of Vogue from the US to India:

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Stand out designers include Fengyi Tan, a student from Bejing; Tugcan Dokmen, who is Turkish; and Paula Knorr, from Germany, each of these designers made a startling impact on behalf of the international cohort at the Royal College of Art, alongside the standout home-grown British graduate Hannah Williams; all young women. From the Central Saint MartinsMA cohort came Matty Bovan, and the baby of them all, 21-year-old Josh Read,who graduated with a BA from Kingston University; both young men who have snagged 2015 LVMH Graduate Prizes which give each of them a year’s employment, at Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, respectively.

So congratulations to you all, your future looks bright!

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