Shop Your Closet: Summer to Fall Transition

At the end of each summer and each winter I meticulously go through my closet and linen drawers to select and pack the clothes and shoes of the ending season. I set items aside to launder and after cleaning I fold everything and place them inside plastic bags before I pack them away into suitcases that I store above my closet.

I do this in anticipation of opening those suitcases because inside are the previous season’s treasures I’d carefully preserved before.  You see I never buy anything I don’t love so unpacking those items is like taking a trip down memory lane.  Everything I own has a story, where I bought it, what country I was in, where I wore it and the fabulous time I had while wearing it.

And while summer isn’t over I am in anticipation of what I will find in those suitcases and how I will wear it.   Because this spring summer 2015 season I added four new items to my wardrobe; a white shirt dress, a pair of champagne culottes, a denim cape and a new pair of suede pumps.  These items along with my favorite staples give me ideas on how I will transition into the fall.

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