10 Fashion Jobs You didn’t Know Existed

Working in fashion has all kinds of looks. Here are 10 jobs you didn’t know existed.  Take a look then mosey over to WWD Career. and see who’s hiring.

Fashion Forecaster


Perfect for the fashion maven with the eye for what people will be wearing next season, the fashion forecaster is all about anticipating trends, giving advice to companies on what will be next season’s must-haves, and having their thumb on the pulse of lifestyle and fashion trends among a company’s customer base.

Runway Sound Designer

The love affair between music and fashion is timeless, so you have to expect the two to overlap on the career front! Runway sound designers work with creative directors to create an aural diorhomme15-1landscape for the show via an orchestra or a hand-tailored and mixed playlist, keeping with the ambiance of the show to better showcase the collection.

Sustainability Expert

It’s not easy being green and with the climate of fashion changing as quickly as the climate of our environment, fashion companies need consultants whose focus is on the future, sustainably cotton1speaking. These sustainability consultants strategize with companies on how to integrate sustainable sourcing and practices into their business.

Online Stylistamanda_online_st

With online shopping becoming an increasingly vital aspect of the fashion industry, online sellers are in need of talented, computer-savvy stylists to better present their collections. Many websites like Wantable  now offer online styling services that provide stellar wardrobe recommendations and pairings to users, courtesy of online stylists!

Fabric Librarian

In the fast-paced and often chaotic fashion images_53industry, organization of every single aspect is essential; for textile lovers, keeping track of every fabric and fiber used in a fashion company’s collection is a fulfilling (and an oh-so-pretty) role.

Fabric R&D Managerscientific

For less bookish fabric lovers, there’s Fabric Research and Development. Since it involves working with vendors to get the right materials, it’s a little heavy on the business end, but creativity is definitely utilized when you work with designers developing your own fabrics!

Fit Model

020887bd3bWhile fashion models are used to showcase collections, designers try out their designs on “real bodies” throughout the conception of each garment. Fit models of all different sizes assess the comfort level and show the drape and cut of each garment, helping the designers create pieces that people will actually want to wear.

Fashion Scenographerdezeen_Viktor-and-Rolf-Autumn-Winter-2013-scenography-by-Studio-Job_1

When working in the fashion industry, scenographers design and oversee the entire experience of a runway show, from lighting to sound to set. Scenography is a focus commonly utilized in theatre, dance, and live performances, so it’s fitting that elaborately artistic runway shows demand scenographers of their own.

Merchandise Planner

Are you a master of organization with a passion for the business end of fashion? Planners are responsible for tracking inventory, taking note of what’s selling and what’s not, and guiding Retail-Buyer-198x198buyers toward which lines to continue carrying and which to consider nixing.

Fashion Colorist

Color is one of the most crucial aspects of design, so of courseIMG_2057 there’s a career in the fashion biz focusing solely on color! The colorist identifies and recreates thousands of unique color palettes for designers and manufacturers of fabric and textiles, maintaining color libraries and overseeing the dyeing process.

Original Article:  Buzzfeed

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