“I LOVE” God Save The Food

During Fashion Week in Milan the busiest streets are via Tortona, Bergognone and Savona. Why?  Because those streets have become centers for many of the big fashion shows. Located at Via Tortona, 34, is “God Save The Food” (GSTF) a fabulous cafe and brunch eatery in the fashion center of it all.  gstf_poster The menu consists of a fusion of American, Italian and Asian dishes from pasta to woks to burgers. And in the front of the house is a glass case filled with wonderful Italian crostate confections for dessert!  A meal at GSTF can be had for under 20 euro including wine and espresso due to the reasonably priced menu which ranges from 8 Euro for an appetizer to 14 Euro for a main dish.  The GSTF menu includes meat and seafood entrees which accounts for the line of people out the door. The location is just as busy in the fashion off-season due to being surrounded by corporate mega-companies like Deloitte.  But if you are looking for the fashionable cool kids of Milan they all go on Sunday, for Sunday Brunch, of course.475819_502458639783071_467085251_o-1280x853

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