Europe’s New “It” Fashion Photographer, Michal Pudelka

I interviewed Michal Pudelka before he shot to fame as the campaign photographer for Valentino. Now he is the darling of the fashion world coveted for his unique photography. The world attributes his signature style to pre-raphaelite imagery but it was during our conversation that he revealed to me his two greatest inspirations for his work; his communists roots and his love of Barbi.

Valentino Fall 2015 shot by Michal Pudelka
Valentino Fall 2015 shot by Michal Pudelka

Year to date Pudelka has photographed three back to back campaigns for Valentino including Fall 2015, but he is by no means exclusive.  On his facebook feed the photographer shared with his fans that he shot with the most artistic fashion magazine in the world, Vogue Italia.  The images below, from the recently released Vogue Italia issue, include the inside cover and two photos from a fashion editorial spread.

Comparing these images to his earlier work you can see nuanced progression in his technique.

Often times the strictures of brand magazines like Vogue can stifle photographers creativity but the Pudelka mark is still firmly planted in the droll uniformity, the vacant stares, and the incredible use of color to frame and highlight the images.

This type of imagery will have everyone from W Magazine to L’Officiel knocking on his door.  I think its safe to say that fashion has found a new “It” photographer to join the favored ranks of signature artists like Steven Miesel and Juergen Teller.

Do you agree?

Vogue cover and editorial pages:

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