“I LOVE” The Italian Weekend

If you live in Italy for longer than a month then you quickly learn that the weekend begins on Thursday not Friday, this is known as The Italian Weekend.

It doesn’t take much to get Italians to celebrate.  And the summer only fuels the desire to enjoy life.  So why wait until Friday what you can do today?

If you are a visitor you will love the Italian nightlife.  One of the coolest things about Italy is that fun doesn’t stop when you grow up.  If “it’s Italian” then it draws a crowd, no matter the age. And people flock in groups to enjoy being outdoors, drink the national aperitif “The Aperol Spritz” and social.   So don’t be afraid to investigate a crowded event.  And also don’t worry about making friends.  I’ve found that people in Italy are curious and love to talk to strangers so feel free to make eye contact and smile, chances are HIGH they will come talk to you.

Tonight is the infamous Gloss Club Milano hosted every Thursday night and often features super sexy DJ/Model Dustin Phil.  safe_imageDustin, a chameleon who walked the menswear Spring 2016 catwalks from Vivienne Westwood to Trussardi, is a moonlighter who DJs and produces music for bands throughout Europe.

And he puts those model connections to work having DJ’d the last Yves Saint Laurent party in Milan.

As a resident Gloss Club DJ his general hotness and knowledge of music make him the perfect eyecandy to oogle while dancing all night long.  And if you can’t get enough, there is nothing sexier than his instagram.

And if you still want more my favorite events page to find what’s happening in Milan is MyMi (My Milan), a bi-lingual website listing all the hot events daily.

Other awesome bi-lingual sites:

Ciao Milano (cultural events)

Expo Milan (through October 2015)




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