Designers to Watch: Gilda Giambra (Japanese Lolita)

I love finding new fashion in Milan. There is this awful assumption that Milan doesn’t have fresh innovative young fashion designers with “edge” or “panache” or whatever words they find in the ‘Be bitchy’ dictionary for Editors.  But that is a myth.  The truth is Italian fashion is based upon tradition.  And that tradition focuses on wearable fashion that is exceptionally made.  The Jil Sander coat you bought 10 years ago and loved looks the EXACT same today as it did 10 years ago.  And you still love it and you still wear it.  That is Italian.

And while Italian fashion loves new designers they are not willing to compromise on the Italian aesthetic or trade against the Made In Italy quality standards.  It knocks many people out of the running.  Except for designers like Gilda Giambra.

The Gilda Giambra brand goal is to create a collection women can have fun with. The Gilda Giambra woman is more eclectic, she contrasts between feminine affectation and male rigor, achieving a perfect mix.  The clothes evoke whimsy and fun but upon close inspection reveal many classic silhouettes.  The more edgy pieces that are more voluminous make you pause to question their wearability but upon closer inspection the construction is masterful which allows for flexibility.  LOOK2

The Summer 2015 collection is testament to this. Gilda Giambra goes to a saucy Lolita Doll House in Tokyo.  The collection is a tribute to Giambra’s recurring theme of elegance and irony. The standout items are the confectious ladylike pieces in blue covered in a rainfall of flowers.  In those pieces one can see that Gilda focuses her attention on the care of the materials and the many details needed to process a design where one piece can have a thousand subtle nuances.  Everything in this collection is made in Italy and is reviewed by Gilda Giambra for approval.

I wore two pieces (picture below) to the Paris Couture 2015 shows and let me tell you they were amazing.  I never felt more fabulous. The volume of the skirt (no crinoline needed thanks to the Italian construction) with the jacket was eye-catching.

Gilda Giambra Spring/Summer 2015 SHOP!

The crisp fabric holds but is flexible enough to allow movement. You feel only a gentle sway as you walk.  I of course spied myself in any reflection to watch the bell of the skirt move.  It made me smile.

Check out the full collection below.  And SHOP!

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