The creative rebels behind the Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2015

Have you heard of the Berlin Fashion Film Festival?

In 2012, unlike minds united to create one unique festival.  Niccolo Montanari, a business major, and Lisa Filippini, a fashion major, joined Frank, founder of the film production company H&F Furore and together they formed the Berlin Fashion Film Festival.



The Berlin Fashion Film Festival includes a fashion show and an awards ceremony.

We see ourselves as a creative rebel, the enfant terrible of the fashion film festivals. Our aim as a fashion film festival is to become the point of reference for professionals in the advertising, film and fashion industries scouting for new trends.

Every year since 2012 the Berlin fashion Film Festival brings together creative professionals to present and award the best fashion film productions with a focus on promoting and recognizing visual talent.

This year the indisputable winner of #BFFF15 is “Crème Caramel by Canada”, winner of the Best Fashion Film Award, the Fashion Film Award,  the Best Production Design, the Best Use of Music and the Best Idea!

The film created by CANADA in collaboratin with NOWNESS follows their usual recipe: take a beautiful, scantily-clad girl, place her in mid-century surroundings and have her act out all manner of strange activities. But for this selection, things got a bit cheeky.  We could  tell you all about it, but it’s better if you watch the 3 minute short film…





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