Sunday’s in Milan


Sundays in Italy are reserved for family and tradition.  It isn’t uncommon to find an entire family walking to the market or to Church.  For expats in Milan, like myself, Sunday has become a day of Art and Brunch.  

24lq9v6One of the best places to go for art in Milan is the Galleria d’Arte Moderna (GAM), the Museum of Modern Art, it costs 5 euro to enter BUT it is free after 4pm.  Each day…(closed on Monday)

The latest exhibition, FREE exhibition, titled “Don’t Shoot The Painter” is a collection of UBS Art curated by Francesco Bonami.   As the curator Francesco explores the concept of “tuttovero” (everything is real).  The exhibition features 100 paintings chosen from a contemporary mass of over 30,000 artists works held within the archives or on loan to the Museum of Modern Art.  Artists featured in the exhibition include Damien Hirst, Jean Michel Basquiet, Nakhee Sung and Thomas Struth.

One of the more thought provoking artists in the lineup is Sandra Gamarra.  The Peruvian born, Madrid based artist is best known for instigating the fictional Lima Museum of Contemporary Art in 2002, which was an imaginary collection of paintings with accompanying merchandise based on her hand-painted reproductions of works by her contemporaries. Gamarra’s method of appropriation raises questions about issues of authenticity and the status of replicas.

Sandra Gamarra
By Sandra Gamarra, “Don’t Shoot the Painter” exhibition


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