Do we talk about global equality enough? “My Tehran for Sale”

Stories like MY TEHRAN FOR SALE reminds one that freedom is a hard won gift.

The film tells the story of modern day Iranian youth struggling for cultural freedom.
It brings to the screen never before seen images of modern urban Iran, and offers passage into the underground youth culture including illegal raves, music halls and parties.

But My Tehran for Sale is not just a story, Director Granaz Moussavi and her actors put themselves at great risk for the filming of My Tehran for Sale carrying out their unsanctioned filming, taking whatever methods were necessary to avoid discovery while shooting in both public and private spaces in Tehran.  The film offers passage into the underground youth culture there including the illegal raves, music halls and parties.

The film centers around Marzieh, played by Vafamehr, a young female actress living in Tehran. The authorities ban her theatre work and, like all young people in Iran, she is forced to lead a secret life in order to express herself artistically.

At an underground rave, she meets Iranian born Saman, now an Australian citizen, who offers her a way out of her country and the possibility of living without fear.

My Tehran for Sale was met with extraordinary acclaim when it was released in 2009. Controversy surrounded the film when unauthorized copies hit the black market in Tehran extensively.  Iranian authorities arrested Vafamehr, the lead character, reportedly for acting in the film without proper Islamic hijab and with a shaved head. She was sentenced to one year in prison and 90 lashes, however due to international pressures and various campaigns, an appeals court later reduced her sentence to only three months’ imprisonment. And she was released.

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