New Generation of Avant Garde

The term Avant Garde comes from the french military meaning advanced guard, the ones in the forefront.  Over time the meaning evolved into anyone in the forefront of any movement, field, activity or the like.

In fashion the word Avant Garde often recalls unwearable clothing.   And this perverse nomenclature expels the mind against an avant garde mode of dress.  But with new forms of fashion now being held up by a perverse generation the Avant Garde now enhances clothing traditions infusing it with a sense of modernism.

Today’s avant garde designers showcase unconventional but wearable fashion in alternate silhouettes, this design vision puts them in the forefront of their peers.  Here are our picks of the most prolific avant garde designers today.


Christopher Shannon Spring 2016


J.W.Anderson Spring 2016


Pause Spring 2016 

Pause Presentation at London Collections Men Spring 2016

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